Welcome to our new school Council

School Council: 29th September 2017


The new school councillors from KS1 and KS2. (All name and pictures on now on display on the school council board) and Mrs Dentith

1. All new school council members were welcomed

All classes have now voted for their school council representatives and the Year 6 children and teachers have voted for the new chair and vice chair. All children have received their badges in assembly and had their pictures taken ready to be on display in the corridor outside the school hall. The meeting involved a discussion about the responsibilities that the new school council have taken on and a job description was agreed by all.

2. A safety walk was undertaken around the school grounds and school building with the view of gauging how safe the children felt they were in school. They were asked if they could escape where and how would they do it. There were many ideas but also a shared understanding of the different things that were in place at school to make it as safe as possible for example- protective covering of glass doors preventing people looking in; magnetic releases on gates; walky talkys to enable adults to speak to each other when children are outside durin playtimes; door locks placed at height; a cattle latch on the EYFS playground gate. The children were going to ask the same question of their classmates and discuss the findings at the next meeting.

How safe do you feel at school?

Next meeting: Friday 20th October at 12:30pm in the spare

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Thank you to school council!


School Council: 23rd June 2017



All councillors from KS1 and KS2 (apologies DF, HT)

Mrs Dentith

Meeting held: Forest Area

  • The results from the children’s views on behaviour system were fed back to the meeting. JD explained to the children how the information was going to be reviewed with all of the teachers in the Autumn Term when the behaviour policy rewards and sanctions system was going to be reviewed as a whole staff. JD thanked the school council for the really useful information that they gauged with each of their classes.
  • JD requested form the school council their opinions in what good rewards would be for children that take on additional responsibilities at lunchtimes- giving up their playtime. All felt time in the forest area would be much appreciated, especially as they were giving up their lunchtimes each week.
  •  JD thanked the school council for all of their help over the year, in particular how the forest school area had been developed. JD has invited all to the school’s presentation evening as well as an afternoon when they can spend this in the woods as a way of saying thank you (on Thursday 20th July)
  •  Freya, as Chair of School council, has been asked to make a thank you speech at the presentation evening to thank Mrs Hayman/Year 6 staff and give an overview of the things that they have done this year to support school.
  •  This was the last meeting of the year!
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What do you think of our behaviour system?

School Council: 11th May 2017

All councillors from KS1 and KS2.
Mrs Dentith
Meeting held: Spare classroom

• The children’s views were asked for on how they felt the behaviour system works at school. They were interested to know what the last Ofsted inspectors had said on their last inspection!

• They were asked about the positive things that they thought should be recorded and recognised or rewarded and how they felt the box system was working. Also if they thought the consequences of poor behaviour were fair.

• They were very clear in what they thought worked and what didn’t and have now been asked to speak to their classes and collect their views as well. Mrs Dentith will ask all of the staff to ensure the school council representatives have 10 minutes with their classes- perhaps first thing after lunch to discuss this. All the ideas will be collated ready to talk through what they have found out at the next meeting.

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In and around school!


School Council: 21st March 2017


All councillors from KS1 and KS2 apart from HT.

Mrs Dentith

Meeting held: Spare classroom

  1. Thank you letters have been written to the companies that have donated items so far for the school grounds project -some plants and fruit bushes from Cove Nursery and a bird feeding station and bird food from Otter Nurseries.
  2. Readings were shared out for those wishing to participate in the Easter service next week. Others have offered to help distribute palm crosses.
  3. Ideas across the school on how playground games that can be played were discussed. We will also video these and show them to others in assembly in order to share them. It was noticeable how few actually required equipment so well done everyone for using your imaginations!


Buddy games Sports Leaders games
Duck duck goose ‘Jump over the Hoop’  Year 5
The diamond game (with equipment) Cross the river
Granny’s footsteps Juggling game
What’s the time Mr Wolf? Tennis
Piggy in the Middle Stuck in the mud
Four corners game  
Chinese whispers/silent whispers  
Hopscotch- with bean bags  
Snakes and ladders (with a  dice)
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School grounds project has started!

1. The next ‘Dirt Day’ was discussed and the meeting was focused on writing to local companies requesting for small donations to help support the project. We wrote letters to the local supermarkets, garden centres and nurseries.
2. Photos of school grounds were used in the letters which the children had taken previously and everyone helped to either put letters into envelopes, write the addresses or find local companies through inline searching .A truly joint effort!
3. Meetings will now take place on Friday lunchtimes (due to their other lunchtime commitments such as buddying or play leading).
4. Our first donations has been received- a plant and bulb container box so hopefully our efforts will generate some more things to help make the school grounds better.

We shall be eagerly waiting to see if anyone writes back to us!

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General Meeting
  1. Photos of school grounds before and after our Dirt Days – these were taken to support the work in the whole school grounds action plan.
  2. Mrs Dentith requested gathered some ideas on the idea of a school prayer that could be used in each assembly to develop a sense of belonging for the whole  school community. We will either use one or come up some with our own ideas to discuss at the next meeting.
  3. Interview questions for School Direct interviews next week were devised together. These will take place next Thursday with the school council being involved for the afternoon.
  4. The school council requested that meetings take place on Friday lunchtimes (due to their other lunchtime commitments such as buddying or play leading).
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School council general meeting

 9th November 2016


  1. Feedback was gauged from the whole school improvement day associated with developing the school grounds. The school council also voted on a name from the day from the following suggestions;-
  • Adventure Wildlife Friday
  • Dirty Day
  • House Group Day
  • Bug Day
  • The last best day
  • Funny Friday
  • Special Day
  • Smiley Day
  • Dirt Day – was the chosen name with the highest number of votes.
  • Messy Adventure Day
  • Fun Friday
  1. The school calendar completion was judged with all of the entries being judged in a fair and consistent manner (i.e. no one was allowed to vote for themselves or their brother or sister!) The children were careful in their choice of different messages and for the entries that they felt had had additional help with.
  2. Freya and Harry were thanked for reading at the Harvest festival and in helping take the food donations to CHAT in Tiverton. We were also allowed to go and have a look around the food back which was very interesting for us all to see. It also made us realise how many people rely on the kind donations from people locally to help provide this service within the local community.
  3. Children were requested to read at the Christingle Service in December. Those that volunteered will have the readings given to them this week and we will have a practice in the church before the service.
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Whole School Grounds Project

Minutes from meeting on : 30th September 2016


The new school councillors from KS1 and KS2; Mrs Dentith    Absnet : HT

Meeting held: near the Willow Dome on the school field

  1. The whole school improvement priority of developing the school grounds was shared with the school council, plus Harry’s ideas that were emailed over. There was a great deal of interest and the children were extremely helpful with their suggested ides. These are as follows;-
  • Making musical instruments to play in the school grounds
  • Building a willow man with him pointing to the woodland area
  • Using and finding big sticks to make dens in the woodland area
  • Having some more play structures and an outdoor adventure assault course built around the grounds- with the children building some of these structures
  • Identifying all the trees that we have by tree bark rubbings and collecting the leaves
  • Building more bird boxes to encourage the birds here
  • Building hedgehog boxes
  • Having more gardening beds on the bank (and this would also stop people running down the banks)
  • Growing our own fruit and vegetables that we could sell
  • Harvesting the apples form the tree on the field (and stop the apples getting mushy and wasps) and selling or making things with these
  • Clearing the pond and cleaning the pond; re-filling it and having some seats in here so we can have a rest when pond dipping
  • Having a fire pit and tree stumps to sit on around the fire
  • Clearing the stream in the woods so we can see what is in it.
  • Building a bug hotel
  • Start composting leaves around school and tea bags from the staff room
  • Using the rec-cycled paper in school to make bricks (outside as it is very messy)
  • Cutting some branches back in school as children tend to either pull these down or pull leaves off.
  • Building or laying a path through the woods
  • Building or laying a path down the bank as it is quite steep

2. The children were asked for their help in getting ideas from their class mates which will be discussed on our first ‘Ground Force Day’ on 21st October. These notes will also be shared then and in an assembly.The children raised the voting system that we use for school council representatives. They feel they would have liked the opportunity to make a speech to their class and that the class teacher has a vote as in some cases they felt their class mates were just voting for their friends. They also feel that if someone has misbehaved they should have their badge taken away from them. Mrs Dentith reminded the children that when they have taken the role on as school councillor they signed a ‘job description’ which also stated this. Mrs Dentith informed the children that their ides in getting the class teacher to vote and for speeches to be made is a good one and she will make sure that this will be in place for the next school council.

Next meeting on : Friday 14th October.

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Welcome to a new school year

All classes have voted for their school council representatives and the Year 6 children and teachers have voted for the new chair and vice chair.
All children have received their badges in assembly and had their pictures taken which are now on display in the corridor outside the school hall.

Our first full meeting next week will be to focus on our whole school development project for this year which will be developing our school grounds. Meeting to be in the willow dome!

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Summer term meetings

Summary of Summer Term meetings


All school councillors from KS1 and KS2.

Mrs Dentith


  • On Monday 1st February, the school council members, a PTFA member and a Devon Travel Officer walked around the village in order to risk assess two potential walking routes to school so that safe routes could be identified for our children and families
  • After this meeting, the School Travel plan was written and has now been published on the school website. The School council then helped to design a leaflet about how to encourage parents to walk to school. This has now been given to all of our new parents and is on the school’s website.
  • Having looked at cost of installing bike sheds and from the recommendations of the Devon Travel Officer and local PCSO, the PTFA subsequently decided to fund a new school path and gate onto the back of the school. This was installed during the Easter holidays and despite a few initial bedding in issues, the path is being used successfully and there has been little reported disturbances to our neighbours around this area of school.
  • Meetings on 3rd May and 7th June involved the school council members sampling lunches at Top School. We are going to review our current school dinner provision and wanted to explore what the children from the secondary school experience every day. We had a full school dinner option and also the snack pot one which the children far preferred! The school council then helped to design a questionnaire to ask all of their class mates what they thought about school dinners and how it could be improved and Mrs Dentith has completed the same exercise with all of the parents. Results will be collated over the summer and results given to parents in the Autumn term.
  • The last meeting of the year on 17th June involved 3 different sets of plans being reviewed for proposed play equipment being provided by the local Parish Council to improve outside play provision in the village. The plan chosen based by the children was based on the climbing options on the equipment, the amount of covered space and access for both young and older children.
  • On a final note, I would like to pass my thanks onto this year’s school council. They will be thanked again at our Presentation Evening on Wednesday 13th They have all been great to work with and it has been a pleasure this year to see their energy and excitement in representing the children’s voice at school.
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